Theodore Phiusangelos, AKA "Teddie V", (Current Alias "Macky Messer")

Rockerboy Burglar Saboteur: Fighting the Man and Raging against the Machine


1-High Concept: Rockerboy Voice of the Old Gods (The old gods sent me to challenge the new tech order)
2-Trouble: “I’m Damaged Goods” (Haunted by traumatic memories of prison abuses)
3: “Doomsday Cult Messiah” (a movement of disfranchised people actually worship Teddie V as a god; this is why you can often find graffiti around the downtowns of major cities that says “TV Is God”, which is an ironic throwback to a relatively more innocent kind of ancient media as well as a play on Teddie Viscera’s initials)
4: “Rage against the Machine”: I am really good at f*ing up corporate technology
(5: Still Feeling out Aspect #5….)


1: “Where’s Ted?”: Spend Fate Point to Fade into the Background, Disappearing from scene (if physically possible)
2: “Silver Tongued Devil”: Spend Fate Point to make someone feel compelled to follow my desires (see “INFLUENCE” power in the Toolkit).
(3: Still feeling out Stunt #3…)


Theodore Phiusangelos was a prodigious teenage musician who became a celebrity after performing in Handel’s Messiah at the Seattle Operahouse. Ted’s solo provoked the entire musical hall into weeping so intensely that the performance had to be halted for the crowd to pull together. Ted grew disaffected with the shallowness of the wealthy world he grew up in and ran away to form a punk rock band, which he named “E. Viscera”, after a horrible nano-tech plague that devastated his parent’s generation. Teddy V’s performances regularly began causing mass riots in downtowns across the country, with crowds overpowering police and ransacking corporate offices. Not long after this he was sent to prison on charges of drug distribution and crimes against minors… Recently, Ted was able to escape prison with the help of unknown government insiders behind the scenes. The department of Penal Rehabilitation and Institutional Corrections (“P.R.I.C.”) declared Ted deceased after discovering an unrecognizable mangled corpse, determining it was Ted from blood collected at the scene. Ted now works under the alias “Mackie Messer”, and has become an accomplished burglar and sabateur, working with shadowrunners for fun and profit as he looks for opportunities to stick it to the Man…

Theodore Phiusangelos, AKA "Teddie V", (Current Alias "Macky Messer")

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