Roland Church



High Concept – Homeless Veteran
Trouble – Not Sure Why Dishonorably Discharged
Jailbird Has been in the system for minor infractions
“I have a certain set of skills…” I’m a not so well kept secret in the world of off the books jobs
“I don’t think I’m supposed to be here…” I have a habit of getting into places I shouldn’t


Shoot +4
Physique +3 Fight +3
Stealth +2 Athletics +2 Notice +2
Contacts +1 Investigate +1 Will +1 Burglary +1


The Invisibles +2 to stealth when ignoring the homeless is practical
As the Crow Flies +2 to streetwise when trying to find quickest route to destination within the city
C-C-C-COMBO +2 to shoot when switching targets
Cyber Heart
Thermopic Camo
Cyber Eye
Thermal Imaging

Refresh: 2


In progress

Roland Church

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