E Viscera

E. Viscera


E. Viscera is a cybervirus, mutated from nanotechnology gone rogue. Nearly a decade ago, E. Viscera (often referred to as evis on the streets) was responsible for the deaths of an unaccounted percentage of runners, or those living off the grid. As society at large considers runners to be shiftless, deviant, and otherwise expendable, deaths from evis were ignored and mostly swept under the rug. Victims of evis that did not otherwise fit the assumed profile could either be martyrs of a supposed bioattack (a vengeful runner must have infected them), or assumed to have been living a double-life as one of the supposed deviants.

Confirmed evis cases dropped off sharply several years ago, leading many to believe it simply mutated into something far less malignant, akin to the H1N1 pandemic of 1918.

Vector, Symptoms, and Mortality

Evis is spread primarily through the matrix, though experts are still uncertain how it is able to do so.

E. Viscera primarily attacks neuro-tissue, causing symptoms not unlike meningitus. Treatment is extremely difficult, expensive, and nearly as dangerous as the disease itself. If unhindered, evis will leave its host severely physically and mentally disabled. Most victims die of complications. The mortality rate of E. Viscera is 80%, if left untreated.


Rumors of a resurgence of E. Viscera are beginning to percolate through the Seatac Megapolis, but these are mostly dismissed by authorities and academics.

E Viscera

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