The Megacorps

The Megacorps

Megacorps are multinational, transglobal corporations, wielding immense power, influence, and wealth. There are a handful of these power-players, and lesser corporations are often subsidiaries or child companies of one of these monster companies.

Drahkme Distribution

Cyberware R&D and distribution, Cutthroat doesn’t even begin to describe them

Drahkme Distribution is rumored to be responsible for the disappearance of Clan Shinsuke, a family of modern samurai and hacktivists. It is often useless to speculate about such rumors, however, because Drahkme Distribution has been responsible for many similar disappearances. Their latest, hotly-anticipated product is a wireless jack, a release that is projected to see their stock increase by 10%.

Roughly 30% of the Seatac Megapolis is employed by Drahkme.

Meyer-Maxinetic Holdings

Financial distribution and investments, Got their hands in every pie

Meyer-Maxinetic Holdings (or the M and M) is a megacorp with significant presence in the Seatac Megapolis. They are parent to countless smaller subsidiaries, and investor in numerous projects, patents, services, and integrations.

Horizon Medipharm

Medical research and development—for the good of mankind’s future, Putting a price on the invaluable

Horizon Medipharm is the leading medical corp of the western hemisphere—the bloodthirstiest shark in the Pacific. They currently own the monopoly on hospitals and walk-in clinics in the Seatac Megapolis, and aggressively stamp out any street doc that gets too big, too popular, or too wealthy.

The Megacorps

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